Bond villa complete with high spec kitchen!

It takes a pretty spectacular building to compete with a pure white kitchen of this magnitude!  Complete with three separate islands, three sinks, a super charged extraction system and more storage and high spec equipment than a professional kitchen this design has some serious functional and aesthetical presence.
The Mogul is sure you’ll agree that the exterior of this building meets the very high expectations set by the kitchen!

Cinderella Pumpkin

I took this photo prior to drilling holes into it (see this post). I thought it was so beautiful. The man who sold it to me, called it a Cinderella Pumpkin and it brought to mind the wonderful story of the pumpkin transforming into a carriage. I googled it and found the following refrence to Cinderella Pumpkins:

"Cinderella Pumpkins are a unique French heirloom whose correct name is "Rouge vif D'Etampes". The source of their nickname it that they resemble the pumpkin that Cinderella's fairy godmother transformed into a carriage." Via All About Pumpkins


A little break today from projects around the house due to a Dentist appointment and getting Oscar ready for Halloween! Yay! Anyhow, I thought that this was kind of neat ....I was sorting through files last week to find a sketch I had done and came across some old illustrations. I don't illustrate much these days, perhaps I'll get back into it someday soon. It brought back so many memories.

Isn't this one perfect for today? :)

The vampire cracks me up.

All illustrations are copyright of me, Lindsay Stephenson. Just sayin'.

Somewhere Over The Rainbow!

This kitchen design is so incredibly powerful that it actually exudes its own blue aurora.  This is a triumph of kitchen influence as neither architecture nor interior design will ever be able to overpower the stature of this heavenly creation.
The Island is obviously the centre piece of the entire design and its unrestricted form flows outwardly from the sink area.  It is as though one single droplet of water has fallen from the tap and upon making contact with the island top has caused an undulating ripple effect which moves outwards and away from the functional epicentre of the design.  
It could be argued that this island design has been inspired by nature as the heavy set worktop reminds The Mogul of snow which has yet to succumb to the fluid, water like, softer geometry below.  The soft LED lighting bathing the floor and the ceiling also brings the end of the rainbow right into this architectural space.
There are many kitchen designers working today who have the artistic ability and functional vision to create a kitchen like this but it is clear that many of The Mogul’s readers never get to meet clients with deep enough pockets! 
This is an exceptional kitchen design and The Mogul is impressed!

Do you think our neighbours would care?

This was too funny not to post. Do you think our neighbours would mind if I did this next year? I think a flash mob would break out. Get Oscar to learn some dance moves. ;)

Stamp Winners

Because so many people commented on the stamp post, I thought announcing that I drew the names for the custom stamp giveaway was appropriate. Winners Screen Names are: Sundeep @ Designwali, Carrie, Bronwyncotter  and Kate! Double check to see if your comment won!

If you want your own stamp still, now is the time to get it because as I mentioned earlier take advantage of 30% off the stamps when you enter in the code BLOGGERSALE. It ends Sunday at midnight and won't happen again in 2011. Partially because the stamps take awhile to make, so advertising them any later than November, and it's a bit of a rush. So honestly grab one now for your Holiday Cards. Stamps available here. Little drawstring Bags available here.

Have a great weekend. xo Lindsay
Ps., If a stamp isn't claimed by next Wednesday then I'll re-draw. :)

What didn't get blogged about

What a crazy week it has been. Highs and lows, and, the week ended on a very great high. Halloween is Monday. Oscar and I are attending a "Monster Bash" on Saturday at the local school, our first time - If you see a little spider running around, that is Oscar. My friend lent us a costume this year. But here is what didn't make it into posts this week:

Be sure to check back later tonight as I'll draw for the stamps. Because there are so many entries, I've bumped it up to three winners instead of two,but because alot of you liked them, enter BLOGGERSALE when checking out to save 30% on the stamps for this weekend only. It's a secret sale for you, my awesome readers because you really made my week with the support. [If you bought a stamp this week, e-mail me your order # and I will give you the 30% off] Buy online here. xo - Lindsay

Padded Headboard Makes An Impact

What is the first thing you think of when I say bedroom? Comfort? Sleep? That's what I thought. We all use our bedrooms as an escape from the world, to cuddle up and rejuvenate for the next day. One of my favourite additions/updates to bedroom furniture is padded headboards. I was first exposed to a contemporary padded headboard when I was in NYC with my gal pal, Catherine. We stayed in a chic downtown hotel with woven leather headboards and "wings" that projected out on the sides; it was the perfect nook for reading, and resting after pounding the streets of NY in my flip flops (bad idea).

Padded headboard styles can range from contemporary to traditional and even homemade. Nail heads and tufts (the divots that make it "pillow") are common details for these pieces. Before buying one of these pieces, consider the following:

*Remember the scale of your room - You don't want the headboard to take over your space!

*Texture - Fabrics with texture, whether it's a velvet or leather, adds another layer to your bedroom. Usually your sheets and other bedroom furniture is flat and smooth, so have fun with texture on the headboard!

*Pillows - Pillows are what will help make your bed look like plentiful and lush, however, you want to consider the height of your pillows. Will your pillows cover the entire height of the headboard? If that is the look you want, go for it, otherwise, keep in mind that your headboard may get lost in a sea of down feathers. 

This is headboard on headboard. The wings provide
a sofa like feel.

Patent Leather Headboard. More drama than comfort.
Classical shape with a neutral colour tone. Always Classic.
Bold red pattern is a playful twist on this Queen Anne shape.
Velvet, tufted sleigh bed shape with nail heads. 
Tall and Grand.
Add some colour to a plain daybed with a headboard.

These twin beds look more architectural with the wings and foot

Believing in the Good of People

Do you recall "Bloggers Give Back?" I initially blogged about it here on my blog, and it has its own website here. Essentially (for new readers) it is a charity initiative where this awesome group of bloggers (regardless of where they live) are trying to transform a garden for a a place called George Herman House, a home in Toronto for women living with mental health issues. Now, some delays and roadblocks hit us this Summer, and this Fall we found ourselves looking for a garden designer to help us transform this garden. Tuesday afternoon I went for a lovely coffee date with none other than Carson Arthur. (Photo, second row)

Carson was the host of Green Force on HGTV, Room to Grow on Global and, is a regular guest on The Steven and Chris Show on CBC. You know what else he is? Absolutely amazing and nice. And cutting to the chase - he is the garden designer for our project. YAY! I can't tell you what an amazing feeling it was to have someone of his caliber, join us.

I attended the George Herman Silent Auction at the Drake tonight, and Carson joined me at it so I could make an introduction to attendees. Here are some shots of the event. Oscar stayed for a bit, but Aubrey in the end brought him home. I mingled, and talked to people about this amazing project that has a group of awesome bloggers getting together. (You're welcome to join in)

So I was eager to post this because it made me so happy. I have renewed faith in the good of people. That people will come through, and help make differences for those less fortunate. So although this past week was stressful, having Carson stand up there tonight and talk about how he was excited to join our project, made everything fine. And now, I'm taking the next 2 days off to chill out. :)

If you want to follow Carson on Twitter, he is at @CarsonArthur

Photos from Top: Scene from the Drake, Carson with Stephanie and Sonia, who helped organize the auction, Oscar with my little sister (whom he adores), Aubrey with Oscar, who is chowing down on ice cubes (not sure that is the best thing but it makes his teeth feel good), and, the crowd at the auction.

Retro Contemporary!

There are some serious style contradictions happening here in this duel island kitchen.  The style polarity is so purposeful that it has to be described as art! 
Check out the matching stools in the foreground!!  And was it a gutsy or foolhardy move by the designer to place a tall bank of unit’s right in front of the window!  Then again there are a lot of windows ......and curtains!

Fun Font for Halloween

So moving on from the drama that was yesterday (resolution was reached, see that post for an update) I thought I'd show you what I do when I sometimes get stressed. Craft! Yay! So this is again, a super easy thing to do. Granted, I make stamps for a living so this is kind of easier for me, but you can do this with a store bought stamp. Michaels likely has Halloween stamps out. I found this super cute font called EVILZ, which is free font for personal use. (Need I remind you to please educate yourself on copyright - this font, for example, you can use for your own fun but you can't *sell* it. So have fun crafting but don't think about making a poster out of it)

So I thought it was such a fun font. Now Oscar is way too little for candy this halloween, but he has some buddies on the street who are, so I thought it would be super cute to put special goodie bags together for his special friends. The problem with blogging --- likely everyone who is getting one, will now see my little surprise. So, um, act surprised when you get it. Please and thank you. :)

So I turned one of the font characters into a stamp for my personal colelction. (Note - personal collection, I'm not selling it) Isn't it sooooo cute? Download that font and print out some of the bigger letters and cut them out and make them for your window. Like the crow. SOO awesome. And free. Thanks for your love yesterday. I heart you all.

Update: Sorry, totally forgot to tell you that you can pick up small sets of these bags in my shop, you can also find them on Etsy, and in lots of shipping supply companies. :)

The downside to being a creative...

So part of the frustration this past week has been a case of copyright infringement. Someone taking my work, and reselling it as their own. I'm not unfamiliar with people copying my work, sadly, it happens quite a lot. Jen Ramos (Made by Girl) and I worked together last June when she found my work, along with hers, being resold by someone else as their own. [See this post here]

Since the popularity of my prints have risen - I've found prints that are mine, being sold by other people. But, all cases have been resolved by a simple e-mail asking someone to stop. I wish I never had to e-mail to ask. People - you just shouldn't copy. Do people think that the web is so big that they will never be caught? Do they not want to feel good about their own creativity, and come up with something original themselves? I often wonder many things when I see work that is copied.

Most recently, there is someone who actually lives in the same town as I do, who has a pattern of mimicking my work and business model of The Penny Paper Co. I'll post a sale, and a few hours later - she'll do the same thing for her business.  It happens so much that it has become a little joke. Apart from being a little bit of an annoyance, it's not worth addressing with her.  But it was enough to make me keep my eye on her. The joking stopped after this past weekend.

When I checked in on her site this weekend, as I regularly do she took a design of mine, and is selling it as her own. And, I burst out into tears. (Stress makes me maybe more prone to crying - so maybe it was an accumulation of things) Remember my beautiful bunting I made for Oscar?

I allowed people to download it for personal use (I even wrote that in the post)

She had it as an item on her website, selling for resale. [Photo has been removed, explanation below]

The colours of the triangles are identical - she uses 100% of my colours - none of them are different, but she also uses the same pattern/combination of colours - See the second row --- green, pink, blue, orange ... That can't be a coincidence.

I think art is always inspired by someone, or something - I get inspired by a colour I may see used in a magazine, or a font I see somewhere that I think I would like to try. Being "inspired" is much different than copying. And that's why I was so sad, I saw this as a copy.

I'm posting to show you that this kind of stuff above - kills me. If I ever get all up in arms about crediting photos properly, this is why.  This is why I posted about sourcing Style at Home for the Ikea Rast project. [Blogged about crediting here] I know how it feels when you do something and it is taken and someone else gets credit for it. Anyhow, this is no longer in my hands - I passed it off to someone else to deal with. But it kind of made me really sad the whole weekend, and for the week.

P.S., I'm not posting her name because I don't want to come off as pointing fingers or attacking someone, it's just that I was so bummed out at this.
UPDATE: October 26th 3:30pm.
The person and I spoke on the phone with regards to this and came to an agreement. She agreed to remove the design from her site, if I agreed to remove the screen shot in my post, as well as delete the mention of her name directly in this comment section. It was an ackward possition for me, as I have never, ever deleted one of your comments before. But, I felt it best to come to a resolution and move on so I agreed to remove any direct mention of her name, or her company in the comment section. [Once again, for the record, I never once mentioned who it was] I just wanted my design, that I knew was mine, to not be sold elsewhere. We have a resolution, I need to move on and focus on pretty things. :)

Kitchen Post-Mortem

The Mogul loves this design as it flies in the face of convention!  Concept kitchen design can test our preconceptions and challenge the accepted norms of design.  The idea of having a mobile and highly versatile kitchen island is great but in order to ensure a tentative acceptance it is important that new concepts do not appear overly clinical. 
In this instance the island could be likened to a hospital trolley and it could be argued that the tethered waste and water feed may limit the mobility! 
Every new concept will receive a post-mortem, but it is important to realise that by pushing the boundaries we will deliver the designs of tomorrow!

Front Hall Table

I bought this console table at HomeSense awhile ago and I left it like it came for awhile. I loved the casual feel of the wood.

But truthfully it always looked unfinished in our house, because nothing else had that wood tone. While doing an unrelated project with a dark gray/black paint, I took my paintbrush to the table. I wasn't too nervous about it because after living with it exposed like that for so long I was confident that a colour would be more suited to our house.

It kind of ties in with our stripes from our runner. It now grounds the entranceway. I need to find something for above it, not sure what though. Oh, and look at those dust bunnies collecting by the floor vent. Don't you love how photos pick up things you miss? *sigh*

UPDATE: The colour of the paint is CIL Forest Black DL50

Fashion Show Kitchen

This is a fantastic image with lots of drama.  The triple depth island is fantastically indulgent and presents the user with lots of preparation space.  It is only fitting that this island which has an elevated skyline backdrop mixed with some flamboyant fiery elements has been given a rather dramatic runway. 
The runway stretches out towards the living area, feeling for a human connection and inviting sociability.  Having the seated area centred on the island in this way allows both of its sides to be used by guests and draws focus to the main stage of culinary performance. 
However, although this is a beautiful kitchen with lots of preparation space, any chef worth their salt may find their performance dampened by having the cooking and cleaning zones positioned on opposite sides of the stage!  Performing gastronomic precision under the pressure of time, for a runway of hungry guests requires a little functional planning.  The scale of the island mixed with the polar positioning of two key functional elements may cause the chef to sweat a little, especially if that fire is stoked!!
If the cook faints from heat and physical exhaustion and the guests go hungry you could always hire this space out as a quirky fashion show venue, eating out with the proceeds!

Custom Stamp Giveaway

I've been a little stressed having had to deal with some "conflicts" in the last week. I hate conflict - it turns me into a crazy person. I end up reciting conversations in my head and sometimes find myself talking to myself out loud as I walk Oscar in the stroller - you know, reciting what you would say, if you could. One was resolved, one is outstanding, and, I'm feeling a little in the dumps. What a better time, than to do a little giveaway, they always cheer me up. I had intended (and still do intend) to do a big giveaway from my shop closer to the holidays but two things happened - people are shopping already and, stamps (which I LOVE) take a little bit of extra time to make. So, this little giveaway is for a custom stamp from my shop. I'll pick two winners - Contest ends this Friday. You get to pick ANY stamp from the collection and I'll even possibly create a custom one for you if you want one.

How to Enter:
1. I'd love to know what stamp style was your favourite from my shop
2. I'd love it if you "Liked" my company on Facebook. I had to start a new Facebook page when we went through re branding in the Summer and I'm trying to build it back up. :) If you've liked it, or, like it already - mention so in a second blog reply. [Gets you a second entry]

That is it! Check back next Friday to see if your comment has a reply. I won't e-mail people specifically, so you have to check. If no one claims their prize by the following Monday, I'll re-draw.

A year ago today...

File this under, "Ways to get distracted".

So sometimes I sit at my computer and wonder, "what was I doing a year ago, today" and I go back and look at pictures on my computer. A year ago today, this was what I snapped photos of - propping Oscar up against my parents dog, Trevor. And, just the other day I did the "What was I doing a year ago...?" search and Aubrey was wearing the *exact* same shirt that day, as he was a year earlier. (We laughed a lot over that one) You should try it, it's kind of fun. :)

Ps. If you commented on the tea post take a peek to see if you were picked as a winner.


Is this kitchen art or did someone leave the window open? 
The kitchen is primarily a functional product but it does occupy a very personal space and could be seen as the functional theatre for life’s little dramas.  So why not express yourself!! 

Notice how the handle recess follows the worktop down the side of the base unit...subtle touches like this can really make a design!
Love it!

What didn't get blogged about...

What a crazy week it was over here. Truthfully, I'm glad the commotion is over and I can go back to being normal. I'm a creature of habit, and although the excitement was great fun, I was drained afterwards. So, here is what happened this week, that didn't get blogged:

  • I went on a hunt for the perfect pumpkins, and asked everyone on twitter where to find white pumpkins. Turns out the video store guy down the street has them, and I stocked up on a few. Yay! Um, how cute are the Martha Stewart fanged pumpkins??
  • We had our drywall guy come and measure for estimates for the kitchen, and he brought along a cabinet guy. It felt premature to talk cabinetry but we'll see what he says in terms of quotes. We're no where near affording it - but research is free.
  • Dream house. And I love the kitchen.
  • I want to make these.
  • Added new stuff to my shop, like new stamps, new accessories, and some new style of art prints. [By the way, save 20% on them until the end of the weekend when you enter ARTSALE when checking out]
Have a great weekend! xo Linds

Hybrid Kitchen

Here we see another example of a classic contemporary kitchen.  Symmetrical clean lines, a handless appearance, stainless steel worktops and some free hung cabinetry all give this particular design a contemporary appearance.  Using mirrored plinths also help to create the illusion that the island and tall units are floating; having this type of determined detachment from the surrounding architecture could also be perceived as a modern design trend.
However, the door profile used and the integration of natural timber allow this design to straddle between descriptive classifications.  The doors used display a 45degree mitre at the point where the rail and stile meet and it could be argued that by having this joint set at an angle as opposed to being straight compromises the contemporary edge of this kitchen!  Oh and are those quadrant posts on the corners of the island?!  Enough said......this is a hybrid!

Giving the Gift of Tea

Yesterday at 4pm, I went for an Afternoon Tea with my Mom, Dad and Sister at T-Buds. Have you ever experienced afternoon tea? It's one of my favourite things to do, especially with my family. Tea - finger sandwiches, scones, clotted cream - perfection. [Also, be sure you know the difference between Afternoon Tea and High Tea before talking to my Dad or Sister, they are quite educated on the differences!)

The fun continued well past the Afternoon Tea, as I came home to a lovely e-mail from an old University friend Devon, who, unknowing of my afternoon adventures, asked if I liked tea. I replied "Yes!" ....and this morning I woke up to find a gift basket on my doorstep filled with these...

Yay! So much fun! The reason for the promo was that they are doing this fun event ....

I may go to this - It sounds like fun. But anyhow, back to the teas - I'm pretty darn excited to have this awesome collection. Here's what I did, because the teas smelt SOOOO good, I cracked open the box, and divided up the packets as I was going to give some to my sister .... but the more I thought about it, the more I realized that this would make a perfect, affordable holiday gift for friends this year. Because honestly, who has money to buy EVERYONE gifts. So, thanks to Twinnings, and that gift basket I got thanks to my friend Devon, I have come up with a DIY project of giving teas ... What you do is this.

1. Buy an assortment of teas like those that Twinnings gave me
2. Buy some sweet little cotton bags [You can find them on Etsy, or in my shop]
3. Get a stamp set [Like here] and you stamp someones name on the bag.

Stamp anything you want onto the little bags...

Honestly, they make the sweetest gifts! AND, they smell SO nice. [Not to mention super economical].

Because it's fun to share, I've divided up the tea bags and I'll just randomly pick 2 comments from the blog comments between now, and next Monday, and you'll get a sample bag like the one I made for my friends above. I'll even stamp your name on the bag so it's personalized! Because personalized stuff is fun. :)

Bulletin Board Project, Round II

Thanks for all the super sweet comments of the taping of Steven + Chris. So now that it has aired, I can spill some more beans. Originally, part of my segment for Steven & Chris was going to to show how to make my easy fancy bulletin board board project infront of the audience. But Steven getting sick and the taping date got changed, and, the date I was to come got totally filled up (likely because Rocco totally trumps me in the cool factor) and then my DIY was threatened of being cut all together.

But I was delighted when they proposed that I do an web-exclusive taping (seen here). Before I knew of the style of segement changing I had already done a different bulletin board to show how fabric can totally change a look. My board [seen here] is a feminine look, and, also a plain fabric - so in order to show fabric can totally changea look, I went for a plaid.

Isn't the fabric GORGEOUS!? The fabric is from In Vu Drapery. And, for this board, I made more button tacks. Buttons people - go buy TONS OF BUTTONS! It's the easiest project ever!!

There you go, the bulletin board project that I think would look uber cool in a young guys bachelor pad. (Or my office, because I'm obsessing about that fabric)

Behind the Scenes

So my segment on Steven + Chris aired. Yay. I'm going to be totally honest and say I only watched my house segment - not me in the audience. When I saw the angle that they filmed me at in the audience I said "OH MY GOD" outloud and turned off the TV. I'm going for a power walk tonight. Honestly, seeing yourself on TV is kind of shocking. Anyhow, here are some photos of them filming in the house. That was great fun - and hopefully I'll get word of when that web segment is live. Welcome to new readers! xo Linds

Life is Functional Art!

This kitchen may well give you chills, the kind of uneasy feeling you get when nervously waiting your turn, able to hear the whirring of the dentist’s drill through the door!  The sanitised nature of this design is prepped for carnage with physical comfort taking second place to artistic preference.
This kitchen is exposed and bare, an artistic and functional mannequin that is waiting to be dressed.  Natural materials and textures have been removed making the design appear cold and clinical.  But is the harshness of this design the very point, the reason it should be celebrated?
This kitchen may work for some, those who like to step beyond the norm, who feel that fashion and art should be functional, becoming integrated into everyday life.  But for many this design lacks the mass social acceptance and physical warmth that mainstream kitchen design offers.   
However, The Mogul feels that this kitchen is a showcase, a shining example of how kitchen design has become much more than the physical facilitator of basic human need.  Kitchen design now delivers on many levels with fashion and art becoming seamlessly integrated into the best designs.