Inspired by the Hamptons

I'm slightly obsessed with fabrics, and I'm even more obsessed with the prints above, perhaps something you'd see in the Hamptons. And maybe we're getting closer to something for our TV Room. All of these prints are from the Seacloth collection by Lee Jofa. Oh my goodness, I can't pick! I love, love them all.

Kitchen or Art - Is there a difference?

You can’t exactly call this kitchen warm and inviting, but it is brilliant!  This concrete installation exposes the empathy between kitchen design and art and displays a morbid self indulgence that engages the viewer, making you curious, and presenting you with a concept that you can’t initially classify!  Kitchen or Art?

The designer Thomas Linssen of Studio Thol used a textile bag to manipulate the fluid nature of the concrete in order to create the definite contours of the design.  The overall affect is one of primitive industrial imperfection!

Experimentation will develop the discipline of kitchen design and push the boundaries of expectation. 

The Mogul approves!

VIRILE - You know you want one!

They say that size isn’t everything but you can’t help but be impressed with the size of this little gem!  This is a virile display of functional beauty that embraces nature by using Bianco Perlino Marble to the maximum effect! 
The linear nature of the design emphasises the natural beauty of the stone doors, profiles and end panels.  The matching worktop penetrates deeply across the man made smoothness presenting an un-nerving edge to the design, reminding the onlooker that this kitchen began its life by being violently removed from the earth!
In this case bigger is certainly better!

Ridder, Robshaw and Dwell

Here are some fabrics I'm love with, that would be pretty perfect for the TV Room Roman Blind. I've recently discovered Katie Ridder Fabrics (No.1 and No.2) and the first would be ideal for the room. No.3, John Robshaw is equally perfect. However, I'm guessing these fabrics are pretty darn expensive, and needing a little over 2 yards this may make the roman a little too expensive. No. 3 is Dwell Studio which is along the same lines but more affordable than the others. But I'm not ruling the first three out.

But something occurred to me as I sat and watched TV. Our Kitchen window *may* be replaced soon. (Pray to the money gods that we can afford to replace our windows) and should we replace this window I had wanted to add a fabric valance *possibly* to this window. I'm debating whether I should wait to do the Kitchen Window to make it match. I would say no, as these rooms are 2 different rooms. I think as long as I carry the same colour pallet over I think I'd be safe and needn't make them match.

(Ps., I photoshopped in my favourite fabric to show you how it looks in the photo above.)

Fabric Sources: 1. Katie Ridder Fabric  2.Katie Ridder Fabric  3.John Robshaw  4. Dwell Studio

Back to the Future Kitchen

A little while ago The Mogul introduced the idea of the contemporary classic kitchen, a hybrid design that straddles the contemporary/ traditional divide and appeases the tribal design conflict!  It will be this type of kitchen that will offer the closet contemporary’s the opportunity to indulge in “safe” kitchen fashion.  Hello Middle America!
So what makes up this style?  The lines of the design will be from the contemporary designers drafting board; worktops will be slender and fused to the cabinetry.  There will be an asymmetrical approach to the overall concept and just like in this design by GED Cucine the handles and cornice will be removed.  However the actual door will no longer be smooth, buffed and polished, instead the doors display traditional profiled elements, bringing contemporary kitchen design back to the future.  And like it or not, this is the future.
The Mogul thinks that this is a spectacular compromise!  Truly beautiful!

Hello Roman...

Our TV room needs some blinds on the door. Midday the sun makes it impossible to see if you're sitting on the couch.
Apart from functionality, I think the roman would add some beautiful colour. I have some e-mails out for quotes on what the sewing would cost, and how many yards of fabric we would need. The other possibility is doing a store bought bamboo. It's not my first choice, but it may be what we do if the Romans come back as being quite expensive. Remember, this is what the room started off looking like when we bought the house...

Toronto Shopping: Chair Table Lamp

I headed over to Chair Table Lamp a few weeks ago and I spotted some awesome royal-related purchases that you can see on my Style at Home Blog Post. My Grandfather was born in England, and my Parents lived there for a few years as my Father attended Oxford, so I have a soft spot for anything British. But for those not in love with the Royals, here are some other shots of the store. ;)

Kevin also has a blog that you can check out to see new products as he brings them into the store. And if you recognize the design of Kevins blog it may be because I'm helping him with the design.

in love

Days like today make me smile. Maybe it was the combination of perfect weather, having Aubrey home from work (he normally works weekends) and the unstressful Holiday that Easter is, but the day was just perfect. The three of us just played and giggled all morning and in the evening we hung out with my Family.

I look at Oscar and can't beleive that he turns 11 months at the end of this week. And as I near his first birthday, I feel fortunate that I get to stay home with Oscar next year. I'm thankful that I have a job that I adore that allows me to stay home with him. (See my post on being a working Mom) I've just felt lately that my life seems perfectly balanced. And as I head off to bed, I'm reflecting on a wonderful day that I spent with my Mom, Dad, sister, brother and his girlfriend, my sweet husband and my sweet little son, I am just smiling. And sometimes that is worthy of a blog post.

Oscar's First Easter Morning

Holidays are so special now that we have a little one. All of the special details that my Mom used to put into a day, I'm so happy to pass along to Oscar. He had his first Egg hunt this morning. Although it was just those plastic little eggs that you can pop open, and he wasn't really "hunting" but instead trampling all over them and trying to eat them, it was hilariously cute. The Easter Bunny felt he was a little too young for chocolate. But he did have a Hot Cross Bun slightly warmed in the microwave from Knead Bakery. He had a little gift from the Easter Bunny, 2 little bath toys from Pottery Barn Kids. I picked up this sweet little bunny for our table from Ddavis Objects here in Toronto. We're now off for a family walk to get a Starbucks. Have a wonderful day from all of us to you. xo


Happy Easter! A quick post to mention that I spotted that our Modern Egg project made it to Craft's website. ;) Thanks to Meg for featuring my project.

Update: Lisa let me know that my rocks were actually spotted over on Ohdeedoh too! As if! Thanks Lisa for letting me know!

xo Lindsay

"Let's see if you like it in a week"....

I've been hunting for an ottoman for our Living Room for some time (See all of my posts dedicated to the topic here) All of the ones I *really* love are waaaay out of our price range. Surprisingly, however, as of lately, I've started considering this west elm ottoman as pictured on the left below. A bit strange, and unlike me, especially if you look at my past inspiration.
Although I'm more comfortable with a fabric like the one shown on the right I'm kind of thinking I may go the pattern. I'm stepping out of my comfort zone, even if it is for just this blog post. ;) I do wonder if it will clash with our pillows? Or should I stick with my "ideal" ottoman and hold out for a fancier one with tufting?

Ps., When I showed Aubrey the ottoman he said "Let's see if you like it in a week." ;-) Even he was surprised at my suggestion of pattern.

Frankie Flowers Book

If you follow the project "Bloggers Give Back" from my orginal post you will have seen a flurry of activity since the project began.  The project went to a level of amazing when Frank Ferragine (also known as Frankie Flowers) and Beth Edney confirmed that they wanted to lead us in transforming the garden for the residents of George Herman House. Frank is most likely recognized as the Weather Anchor and Garden Specialist for Toronto’s Breakfast Television but he is also a contributing Garden Writer for Canadian Living Magazine and Canadian Gardening Magazine.  His accomplishments are ongoing so do visit his website!

 My heart grew when Frank confirmed his involvement as our goal of giving these amazing women a beautiful garden instantly became a reality.

Frank has an awesome gardening book out called "Get Growing". I can tell you it is awesome because I have two sitting in my house. My Mom picked up two books for me, one for me, one for one of you. And when I met Frank to show him the garden 2 weeks ago he kindly offered to sign a book for you. It is an AWESOME book. As a novice Gardner I found it really helpful with beautiful photographs and a plant listing at the back that is worth the cost of the book in those few pages. And PS., This book would make a great Easter Gift, or Mother's Day gift.

Ends April 27th, 2011.

As always, it's really easy to enter. A special thank you to my Mom for buying the book to giveaway and to Frank for signing it for us.

How to Enter: Comment and tell me what your favourite plant is. Mine is lavender for it's calming scent.
Bonus Entry: Tweet about the contest and cc me @littlehouseblog and @FrankFerragine and do a 2nd blog reply telling me you did so.

Open to Canadian and USA residents. And lastly, please join me in also thanking Frank @FrankFerragine  for dedicating his time to this amazing cause of transforming a garden for George Herman House. Visit our site at to learn more

Eclectic Kitchen by Bulthaup

Take the Bulthaup b3 system and sprinkle a little eclectic, functional animation and you will get “Shifting Concepts”.  This idea encourages individuals, designers, artists and architects to get involved in the design process and evolve what Bulthaup claim is the perfect product. 
The Mogul imagines that this concept delivers the bespoke, made from scratch feeling to a modular based system, enhancing the experience for both users and designers and making the process of kitchen design more personal and introverted!  Top marks there!
Bulthaup appear to dress the b3 in a way that transforms it into an art installation, adding an extra layer and allowing the concept to become un-architecturally defined. 
Don’t underestimate Bulthaup, their kitchens are fantastic; but there really isn’t anything new here.  The Mogul and many other designers including Johnny Grey have been promoting the human element of kitchen design for years, encouraging an understanding of how humans relate to their own personal space; the psychological connection to inanimate objects and the development of human memory paths that effectively shape who we are. 
We already know that introducing holistic elements into kitchen design along with personal artistic preferences can open the door to “Next Level Kitchen Design”!  So is this concept just a heavily funded marketing campaign?  The Mogul wonders! 
But one thing however must be said.  Promoting artistically stimulating, humanly sympathetic design must be for that The Mogul salutes you!

A window full of carrots

Today you can find me blogging over on Style at Home's Blog, where I fell for a window display of carrots. It appears to be Easter week on my blog, which was very unintentional! ;) Although I'm profiling Toronto stores, I hope that you find inspiration in a stores product, or displays/vignette for decorating your own home. xo Lindsay
Ps., Not sure if you saw, but my little shop is having a sale that ends today.


Ask anyone about kitchen design and they will describe a product that surrounds the user, enveloping them with functional capability and placing the gastronomic conductor in the centre of the orchestra pit. 
This design contradicts this notion, shying away from the user.  It appears to press itself against the wall in an attempt to get away from the approaching danger, a dangerous human presence that will see this kitchen frisked and searched until it becomes barren and empty!  Used!
However this design is extremely functional allowing the user to move through zones towards the cooking area.  This is a galley kitchen with a kink!
The inside out format of this design mixed with back lit green glass and wood veneer gives it a real presence and allows it to dominate the architectural space.  The Mogul loves the contradictions within this design and the blatant desire to challenge conformity!  

Unexpected Art

When I was doing my Easter Egg project last week, I was using some wood canvases as my paint pallet. I had just picked them up earlier that day when I went to the art store with Erin. I don't know what made me use the wood canvas as a mixing surface but I'm glad I did.

I'd mix the colour for the egg on the wood and proceed to paint a rock. Half way through I looked down and realized that my mixing had turned out to be a kind of cute piece of art. I loved it so much I whipped out another canvas to see if I could be "creative". I wasn't intending on painting anything but the rock project turned out to also give me some unexpected art.

Aubrey is quite pleased as it brings a little colour to our sad 80's kitchen. This little nook isn't so sad anymore. :)

Physical Dynamic Rendering

Throughout the course of writing this blog The Mogul has uncovered many different kinds of Shape Shifting kitchens, all of which are progressive and all of which are aspiring to the ultimate objective; the creation of a versatile and individually adaptive functional space.
Concepts give birth to trends and this Electrolux H20 kitchen introduces us to the possibility that in only a few short decades’ kitchens as we know them today will become social artistic artefacts!  The future kitchen consumer will demand flexibility and customisation and just like users of modern technology today will not accept anything which is dated.  Imagine getting hold of your new I-Pad 2 and finding that you need to load the App’s by cassette tape..  Not cool!
This H20 kitchen uses Claytronics to create a responsive, organic reaction to the user and its environment through the use of programmable matter.
Claytronics is an abstract future concept that combines nanoscale robotics and computer science to create individual nanometer-scale computers called claytronic atoms, or catoms, which can interact with each other to form tangible 3-D objects that a user can interact with.   See video below:
This concept kitchen begins as an easily transportable cube which contains all of the basic elements required to define it as a kitchen.  The cube is made of heat conductive metal to allow for induction cooking.  The claytronic atoms have the ability to absorb food waste processing it to the correct waste disposal element and making the functional aspect of the design super efficient and completely green.   The kitchen can have applications added making it even more client specific and offering the opportunity to purchase upgrades.
This idea may seem farfetched but so was the notion of travelling into space!  Funny how we have just celebrated the 50th Anniversary of Yuri Gagarin’s first manned flight into Space.

A modern approach to the Easter Egg

We are lucky to live within walking distance to the Beach, something I hadn't fully appreciated how much I would love when we bought our house. Last week, my little brother and his lovely girlfriend visited Oscar and I, and we trotted down to the Beach to grab a drink and walk along the boardwalk. And, of course, search for beach glass by the water. While searching for beach glass and I noticed that a lot of rocks looked like eggs. And, I thought to myself...Easter!
So Oscar and I collected some, and brought them home, washed them, and pulled out the paints I had actually bought earlier that day - not realizing they would come in handy for my project. While Oscar napped, I proceeded to paint the rocks. 

It was neat, the rocks soaked in the paint, so there was still a natural element poking through. If you wanted richer colours a second and third coat would do the trick. Or, you could prime them first.

I loved how they turned out.  

I adore these, it could have proven to be a disaster, but seeing them grouped together makes a modern display. Perfect for Easter decor. And for those wondering about Oscar, they are out of arms reach for obvious reasons. ;)

Armani Kitchen

Who said kitchen design wasn’t fashionable!  This little number which is manufactured by Dada has the Armani label attached!  In an attempt to look exclusive the wooden finish has been given a golden glow!  Nice kitchen but it looks as though Dada have kept their best work for themselves! 
It’s all about the designer label!  But this example illustrates how important kitchen design has become and is going to be in the future!